Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2013

One of Vicki’s greatest honors is being the officially Dairy Livestock Photographer at the Royal Winter Fair – Canada’s National Livestock Show in Toronto, Canada.   She enjoys working with the participants at this prestigious show and knows that it is a privilege to work with some of the best dairy cattle in the world.

Carhol Camden Rosye<br>Jr Champion<br> Red & White Show Royal 2013<br>Andre Carbonneau Hanalee G Busty Babe<br>HM Jr Champion<br>Red & White Show Royal 2013<br>Hank & Nancy Lee Hazeleger & Martin Hazeleger Lochdale Shaquille Missy<br>Int Champion<br>Red & White Show Royal 2013<br>Kawartha Holsteins Crestomere Absolutely Lovely<br>Res Int Champion<br>Red & White Show Royal 2013<br>Everett Simanton Liddleholme Roxbury Red<br>HM Int Champion<br>Red & White Show Royal 2013<br> Milksource Genetics Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy<br>Grand Champion<br>Brown Swiss Show Royal 2013<br>Brown Heaven Farms De La Plaine Dreamer Perfecta<br>Jr Champion<br>Ayrshire Show Royal 2013<br>Ferme De La Plaine Bellevue Du Lac Poker Kayla<br>Res Jr Champion Ayrshire Show Royal 2013<br>Ferme Elegance, Richard Bilodeau, Henchoz, Goncerut, Yersin De La Plaine Reality Sting<br>HM Jr Champion Ayrshire Show Royal 2013<br>Ferme De La Plaine Vieux Village C. Calie<br>Res Int Champion Ayrshire Show Royal 2013<br>Vieux Village Steam-Valley Wilton Magic Bri<br>Grand Champion Ayrshire Show Royal 2013<br>Kurt Wolf & John Cannon Forever Schoon Ping<br>Res Grand Champion Ayrshire Show Royal 2013<br>Ferme De La Plaine Fanico Reginald Marty<br>Jr Champion<br>Black & White Show Royal 2013<br>Paige Morrill Comestar Larion Goldwyn<br>Res Jr Champion<br>Black & White Show Royal 2013<br>R & S Allyn, E& M Ladina, Ferme Jendro & Donald Dubois & France Lemieux Rotaly Windbrook Hilda<br>HM Jr Champion<br>Black & White Show Royal 2013<br>Rock Hebert & Nathalie Du Aingers Advent Bambi<br>Int Champion<br>Black & White Show Royal 2013<br>Ferme Blondin Charwill Attic Marcy<br>Res Int Champion<br>Black & White Show Royal 2013<br>Gen-Com Holsteins Robrook Goldwyn Cameron<br>Grand Champion<br>Black & White Show Royal 2013<br>Clark Woodmansee, Budjon Farms & Peter & Lyn Vale MS Goldwyn Alana<br>HM Grand Champion<br>Black & White Show Royal 2013<br>Piere Boulet, Ferme Fortale & Isabelle Verille Lookout Glow in the Dark<br>Jr Champion<br>Jersey Show Royal 2013<br>Lookout Jerseys & Frank & Diane Borba JR Tequila Justina<br>Res Jr Champion<br>Jersey Show Royal 2013<br>Purple Fever Missiska Arrow Venus<br>HM Jr Champion<br>Jersey Show Royal 2013<br>Ferme Scottiere Arethusa Ontime Vogue<br>Int Champion<br>Jersey Show Royal 2013<br>Pleasant Nook & Whiskey River Budjon Minister Lighten Up<br>HM Int Champion<br>Jersey Show Royal 2013<br>Shelby Olstrom RJF Jamaica Rockstar<br>Res Grand Champion<br>Jersey Show Royal 2013<br>RJ Farms Lencrest Giller Belle<br>HM Grand Champion<br>Jersey Show Royal 2013<br>Lencrest Farms