Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2012

One of Vicki’s greatest honors is being the officially Dairy Livestock Photographer at the Royal Winter Fair – Canada’s National Livestock Show in Toronto, Canada.   She enjoys working with the participants at this prestigious show and knows that it is a privilege to work with some of the best dairy cattle in the world.

Vieux Village DW Diamond<br>Jr Champ Ayrsihre<br>Royal 2012<br>Vieux Village Rosayre Burdette's Kermit<br>Res. Jr Champ Ayrshire<br>Royal 2012<br>Rosayre Ayrshires Vieux Village BK Ella<br>Int Champ & H.M. Grand Champ Ayrshire<br>Royal 2012<br>Vieux VillageVieux Village C. Diamond<br>H.M. Int Champ Ayrshire<br>Royal 2012<br>Vieux VillageGoulaise Wonderment Artic<br>H.M. Jr Champ Brown Swiss<br>Royal 2012<br>Yellow Briar FarmsTierneys Tequila Linda Lou<br>Jr. Champ Jersey<br>Royal 2012<br> Ernest Kueffner, Terri Packard & LookoutM-Signature Verbatim Tia Marie<br>Res. Jr Champ Jersey<br>Royal 2012<br>Lookout Jerseys & FJS Jerseys Scottiere Marika Verbatim<br>H.M. Jr Champ Jersey<br>Royal 2012<br>Ferme Scottiere South Mountain RMaster Jamacia<br>Res Int Champ & H.M. Grand Champ Jersey<br>Royal 2012<br> Arethusa FarmsArethusa On Time Vogue<br>H.M. Int Champ Jersey<br>Royal 2012<br>Pleasant Nook & Whiskey River HolsteinsLencrest Giller Belle<br>H.M. Sr Champ Jersey<br>Royal 2012<br>Ferme Lencrest Mount Elm Destry Snakebite<br>Res. Jr Champ Red & White<br>Royal 2012<br>Mount Elm & High PointCarhol Redliner Kasyppe<br>H.M. Jr Champ Red & White<br>Royal 2012<br>Jacklyn G BoothMiss California Red<br>H.M. Int Champ Red & White<br>Royal 2012<br>Enest KueffnerRoneamar 612 Talent Laura Red<br>H.M. Grand Champ Red & White<br>Royal 2012<br>Ferme Blondin & T&L Cattle MD-Dun-Loafin Lauth Elli<br>Jr Champ Holstein<br>Royal 2012<br>Micheal HeathPetitclerc Alexander Amycale<br>Res. Jr Champ Holstein<br>Royal 2012<br>Ferme PetitclercSharp Acres St Jessy<br>H.M. Jr Champ Holstein<br>Royal 2012<br>Clarkvalley Holsteins, Ronald Werry & Casscrest HolsteinsEbyholme Goldwyn Marcia<br>Res Grand Champ Holstein<br>Royal 2012<br>Ebyholme Farms & Pleasant Nook Holsteins